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Watch Repair & Services

If your Excelsior Watch needs repair or cleaning, we are able to offer servicing with a turn-around time of approximately 1-3 weeks depending on current volume.*


Full Overhaul Service:  $189.00*

- Movement cleaning & new oil.

- New winding stem.

- New seal gasket.

- New mainspring.

- Timing & regulation.

- Exterior polish.

Other Services:

Time adjustment regulation:  $65.00

Replacement of damaged case:  $85.00

Replacement of damaged crown:  $45.00

Please use the repair contact form for service requests.  We will return your contact promptly!

Kind regards,

The Excelsior Team.

*Costs and time required are affected by nature of service and /or damage to watch.  Costs outlined are estimates and subject to change at any time.  Excelsior Watch Co. does not offer service to other brands of watches at this time.

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