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Excelsior Watch Company

Two Year Warranty


Excelsior Watch Co. provides warranty coverage of two years from the date of purchase on all of its watches. Our warranty covers the watch movement and case for the time period stated and EXCLUDES:


Any defect to the watch case, crystal, strap, box, manual or other part or accessory - arising from accident, mishandling, incorrect or abusive use including, but not limited to knocks, crushing or scratching; water damage, even in water resistant watches, EXCEPT as a result of manufacturing defect - manufacturing defects will be determined upon inspection by Excelsior Watch Co. authorized personnel using industry-standard testing procedures.  Watches with water damage, but with no discovered manufacturing defects, will not be covered by warranty; any form of crown damage (e.g. broken crowns, bent crowns or crown stems, disconnected crowns, snapped-off crowns); crystal damage; the use of, or the consequence of using non-authorized batteries, any alteration or intervention performed other than by an authorized Excelsior Watch Co. service technician.  Any intervention performed by a non-authorized agent renders the Excelsior Watch Co. warranty void e.g. engravings performed on the watch, other than by Excelsior Watch Co. authorized personnel; non-metallic straps including but not limited to leather straps, rubber straps and fabric straps; the results of normal or excessive wear and aging of the watch; theft or loss (including the loss of parts required for warranty repair: the cost of lost parts are the responsibility of the customer); any watch that has had the serial number or other features deliberately removed or altered.  Please refer to the document Caring for Your Watch for recommendations on protecting your watch.


Strap/Bracelet Warranty Terms


Notwithstanding the warranty on Watches, straps (other than metal bracelets) arriving in new, unworn condition are covered for thirty (30) days from date of delivery except for damage arising from accident, mishandling, incorrect or abusive use including, but not limited to knocks, crushing, melting or scratching.


Mechanical Watch Accuracy


Mechanical wristwatches should have a timing accuracy to within 15 seconds (+/-) per day.  However, this rate may deviate based on temperature (heat or cold) and atmospheric conditions (pressure and humidity) and may change based on the position in which a watch is kept, especially when unworn.  If your mechanical wristwatch (i.e., a watch with an automatic or manual-winding movement), deviates in rate by more than 15 seconds per day, we will regulate it to bring it within normal operating accuracy, i.e. to within 15 seconds accuracy per day.


Please expect a 30-day turnaround for regulation adjustment.  Keep in mind that warranty service includes testing and identification of problems both before AND after warranty service which may include, but is not necessarily limited to:  Demagnetization, electronic timing accuracy, water-resistance integrity and bracelet/strap integrity.  These procedures take time especially as timing accuracy is concerned.  Please be patient with warranty returns.  We want the watch to return to you in excellent working order.  If warranty repair will exceed 30 days we will endeavor to inform you of this as soon as we are aware of extenuating circumstances causing the delay.


All shipping and handling costs in connection with warranty service are the responsibility of the customer unless otherwise noted and incur a $25 fee per return shipment (from Excelsior Watch Co. to the customer) on all domestic orders.  International warranty repairs will be billed according to shipment destination.  Duties and taxes on any repaired watch sent outside the United States are the sole responsibility of the customer.  This warranty is valid only at Excelsior Watch Co.  EXCELSIOR WATCH CO. DISCLAIMS ANY LIABILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES FOR BREACH OF WRITTEN OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF THIS WATCH, INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. THIS WARRANTY GIVES YOU SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS, AND YOU MAY ALSO HAVE OTHER RIGHTS, WHICH VARY FROM STATE TO STATE.  Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation may not apply to you.



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