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How We Build Our Watches

Our watches are created using traditional and modern methods.  To ensure consistent quality, we combine contracted component manufacturing with traditional hand-built assembly.  All watches are built using hand assembly, by a single individual, one at a time.  We only build mechanical time pieces.  (No batteries)

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Stainless Cases

We source our watch cases from some of the worlds most experienced case millers.  All watch cases are grade 316L surgical grade stainless, finished and sealed with industrial-grade silicone sealant upon final assembly in our Excelsior studio.

Field Watch Case CNC Cut.jpg
Field Watch Case Finishing.jpg
Building a Movement
Movement Spec


The heartbeat of your watch!  To maintain consistent performance and facilitate ease of repair, we utilize the highest quality mechanical base movements.  This ensures a multitude of design options as well as compatibility with EWC's own dial designs.  We never use cheap clone movements or replica third party parts.

Dial Printing

All of our dials are printed on steel or brass discs using EWC designs - we never use plastic dials.  We partner with a local Minneapolis dial printer to execute these designs. All dials are matched to their movements using screws & press-fit threading - we never use adhesives or glues.

Various EWC Prints
Laser Etching
Etching Proofs

Laser Etching

Laser etching on our pieces is performed by a local Minneapolis artist on a specialized laser router originally intended for use on medical equipment, but adapted for use on our stainless cases.  Etching directly into steel is more difficult and expensive, but ensures that text will never crack or fade due to skin contact.

Cases & Wallets

Each watch comes with a zip travel case, leather slip wallet, and materials designed by EWC.  Zip cases are made with a synthetic leather coated to prevent stains.

Zip Case
Custom Leather Cases
Leather Straps

Straps & Bands

We source a wide variety of leather and silicone straps for our watches.  Straps are available in various patterns and types.  The majority of our leather straps are produced from Horween leather - the oldest continually operated tannery in the United States.  Strap options will vary with customer preference.

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