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Beauty.  Simplicity.  Functionality.


We assemble, finish, and test each watch by hand.  With the proper care your watch is designed for decades of wear and enjoyment.  Materials we use may include:


     - Rose gold plated bridges. (select models)  

     - Anti-magnetic components. (select models)

     - Surgical grade 316L stainless steel cases.

     - Brass or steel to resist long-term corrosion.

     - Gold or nickel plated logos for our dials.

     - The finest American made leather straps.


Our base mechanical movements have been used in the industry by luxury watch brands for over 40 years due to their rugged reliability and accuracy.  By basing our watches on this platform, we can guarantee our customers will be buying a watch that is reliable and beautiful. 


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Form & Function Together

A watch's beauty is reliant upon its purpose to provide function.  This means that the owner should be able to have their watch serviced and/or repaired without being restricted to an expensive retailer network.  Many modern watch brands refuse to sell parts to independent watchmakers.  This forces the customer into expensive dealer servicing, thus raising costs and time to completion.   Because we base our watches on highly reliable base movements, we are able to service and repair them.  This keeps servicing costs reasonable and reduces the time required for maintenance. To keep your watch both accurate and beautiful, we recommend you arrange for service of your watch every 5-7 years depending on use.  You can contact us to arrange servicing at the following link:  Service contact form

Inspecting a component
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